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Every Step of the Way (December 2023)

"We had a kitchen renovation design work to do. Greg was there to meet with us every step of the way. We had one design of opening up a wall.  Then, when the design was not working for [our price point with] contractors we had met with, Greg took the time to make sure we were still opening up the kitchen with less of an expense."

- Houzz Review by Ferial V.

Understand Priorities (December 2022)

"Greg from OVOLO Interiors is fantastic!  He is so patient and easy to work with.  I appreciate how he spent time with me and my husband to best understand out priorities.  Greg provided multiple drawings and was able to alter them based off questions, concerns, and needs.  He was available and flexible... I am pleased to recommend Greg from OVOLO Interiors and look forward to working with Greg again in the future!"

- Houzz Review by Meghan W.

An Excellent Job (July 2022)

"Greg Ripa, from OVOLO Interiors, did an excellent job for us on our 2 bathroom remodel.  To begin with, he definitely lives up to what he promises at his page on Houzz - he was professional, always punctual, easy to talk to, and flexible... He not only helped in the design process but also in periodically showing up to inspect or talk to the contractors and answer their questions... Greg, of course, helped us with color coordination and materials, scouting and then going with us to various stores and showrooms to look, and making sure we did not lose sight of whether everything was coming together... As we progressed, he was not chained to convention, as some designers habitually are, although he was perfectly willing to tell us what was conventionally done in any situation."

- Houzz Review by Toren H.

Above and Beyond (December 2021)

"Greg went above and beyond his job as an interior designer by sitting down with us for numerous meetings to look at the prospect of an ADU (attached dwellign unit)... One of Greg’s traits is his awesome work ethic and the constant understanding of what his clients may want. Swiftly, he understood what our needs for the ADU were and made a plan and setup that aligned with those needs, eventually turning the plan into a perfect construction project in our backyard."

- Houzz Review by Sachin H.

To the Rescue (December 2021)

"We have a few spaces in the home that are a bit of an odd size/layout to decorate, and Greg came to the rescue! He was extremely professional throughout the entire process, and his incredible communication, planning, and management skills only came in second to his design skills... During the pandemic, ordering things can be tough, and Greg stayed on top of it every step of the way."

- Houzz Review by Emily L.

Loved the Design (December 2021)

"Greg was wonderful to work with. My construction project went on too long due to issues with the contractor. I got to the point I was just too overwhelmed. Greg sensed this and he stepped in and really held my hand through the process. I loved the design that he came up with for my kitchen and his measurements for the placement of everything were absolutely correct. I will use Greg again in the future."

- Houzz Review by Mimi G.

Pragmatic and Realistic (January 2021)

"Greg was extremely pragmatic and efficient to work with. Greg knows city codes, and as a civil engineer by training, he is realistic about what can feasibly be built at a reasonable cost. Greg very quickly, easily, and respectfully explained to me some of the impracticalities of my own thoughts. He suggested a far simpler and feasible way to come up with a practical and cost-effective plan set."

- Houzz Review by Sanjay N.

 A Thorough Professional (December 2020)

"Greg is a thorough professional and easy to work with. He is committed and communicates clearly at every step... we are pleased with the design process and his work"

- Houzz Review by Sam P.

Off the Charts Delivery (September 2020)

"[Greg] delivered the home office of my dreams. (And while he was at it, his team installed custom made shelving in the garage -- which turned out amazing.) What I love about Greg is that he treated my house like it was his own. His attention to detail and creativity are off the charts. I would highly recommend Greg -- he's THAT good."

- Houzz Review by Fred 

A phenomenal job (April 2019)

"[Greg] did a phenomenal job of taking the time and patience to understand our needs from the beginning to the final project. He worked well with our Contractor and communicated our goals and objectives. He went above and beyond to help us choose the materials needed, design and color selections.

- Houzz Review by Marilyn E. 

Professional, creative, and helpful (November 2018)

"I had a fantastic time working with Greg over the past few weeks. He got the job done perfectly, on time and under budget. I don't have a good eye for design so I relied on him heavily through out the project... Greg is also incredibly patient, professional, creative, and helpful. I cant speak more highly of him. I love my new apartment and will definitely recommend him to my friends and family."

- Houzz Review by Zia A. 

 Excellent customer service (April 2017)

"He was very thorough in his researching options for furniture, wall design and drapes as well as decorative items for us, and stayed withing the timeline and the budget for our project. We highly recommend Greg, he provided excellent customer service and was very responsive throughout."

- Houzz Review by Dagmar S. 

Exceeded my expectations (September 2016)

"Greg at Ovolo Interiors created a fantastic new look for the guest bedroom in my home. It was my first time working with a designer, and it far exceeded my expectations! Greg is great to work with."

- Houzz Review by Judie C. 

Attentive to details (September 2016)

"Ovolo Interiors is professional and attentive to details. They listened to our needs and found us exactly what we were looking for within our budget and specifications."

- Houzz Review by Diana M. 

Would highly recommend (June 2016)

"I made-up my mind right away to hire him, without even checking any references, and my intuition was proven correct. He understood my project very quickly, and offered me a fair quote for his work. Throughout the project, he listened to me very carefully and offered the exact advice I needed, trying to incorporate ideas that I really wanted in my bathroom... I would highly recommend him for your projects, and look forward to working with him again for my next remodel."

- Houzz Review by D.R

Solutions and a smile (July 2017)

"Greg was our perfect designer... He stayed engaged all throughout the project; checking in regularly on the progress of the work, meeting with the contractors, and with us. And when things were unexpected-as they always are in construction-Greg never panicked. He always had ready solutions and a smile. He even showed up last minute with a brand-new cabinet that fit even better than the one we had originally intended. We recommend Greg in a heartbeat."

- Yelp Review by Joanna T. 

Other Reviews (2016 - present)

"We loved it so much... [our room has been transformed] into the sanctuary we always wanted it to be. I am so thankful for Greg's patience, creativity, and hard work as he made all this happen."

- Houzz Review by John R.

"Greg understood exactly what we needed. He came up with a fantastic plan and then helped us to execute... Most important, Greg is a real pleasure to work with. He was always on time and he came in under budget. He takes his work very seriously."

- Houzz Review By Cliff K.

"He was very professional and we completed the job in time for my company to come in the next week. I highly recommend this company and will use them again if I come up with another project for them to help me with."

- Houzz Review by Kathy H.

"Greg is not only an amazing person with integrity and honesty, but he has quite a natural knack for design... He not only helped me unpack some of my wall art, but also professionally and expertly organized my art to where I should hang them. Wow! I could not have asked for better and awesome results."  

- Yelp Review  


8x Best of Houzz Service Award for Service Winner!
Eight years in a row: 2017 through 2024

The Best Of Houzz award for Service is given by Houzz®, the leading platform for home renovation and design. This exclusive award recognizes just three percent of the more than 2.5 million active home professionals, such as interior designers, on the Houzz platform. The Service award honors are based on a professional's overall rating on Houzz and client reviews submitted in the previous year.