Our Approach & Process

Below is our typical project process. Since each project is unique, the process may vary slightly for a particular project.

Stage 1: Collect Dreams

This includes a free initial meeting. During this stage, we’ll perform a home visit and walk-through of your rooms to take measurements, photos, and notes. Through meetings and conversations, we’ll discuss your project objectives, vison, goals, design style, timeline, and budget. This stage also includes a bit of paperwork regarding contractual obligations.

Your homework before the next stage: look at showrooms and online design photos; then, fill out an online Houzz Ideabook that shows your project inspiration.

Stage 2: Design Board(s)

We’ll create a design board(s) that include a basic floor plan, proposed materials and/or furniture, colors, common themes in your project inspiration, and any other crucial details gathered from our previous meetings and conversations. This can be considered an initial design with up to one or two other options or alternatives. If needed, we’ll perform a space planning analysis for your project.

Your homework before the next stage: if there’s more than one option presented, choose which option to carry forward into the next stage

Stage 3: Refinement

Your feedback throughout this stage is vital and ensures that we achieve your design vision and goals as well as your project objectives. We work with you to achieve the design of your dreams while also being realistic in relation to project budgets, timelines, and any other constraints. Optionally, we can create 3D photo-realistic renderings of the design for an additional fee.

Your homework before the next stage: approve the design

Stage 4: Shop & Order

Based on the design, we’ll select materials and/or furniture to best match the approved design, budget, and timeline all while ensuring a cohesive look. This selection/ shopping can be done together or separately. When ready to order and purchase items, a comprehensive list of items that need to be purchased, along with their quantities, will be sent to you. Typically, certain items are selected first and other items are selected later (e.g. paint colors are usually the last to be picked).

Your homework before the next stage: be happy and content with your selections

Stage 5: Documentation

This typically applies to bathroom and kitchen remodels. We produce construction layouts, floor plans, wall profiles/ elevations, specifications, and/or any other needed documents. Enough detail is included so that a contractor will know exactly what is expected in the remodel. Our drawings can be used to gather construction cost estimates and can even be submitted for city permitting in most locales; however, a structural engineer and/or architect will need to be hired if you are planning on making an addition, removing walls, changing the roof, moving walls, or other similar types of work.

Your homework before the next stage: hire any installers or other design professionals, such as an architect or structural engineer, as needed. We can make some recommendations or take care of the process entirely, depending on the exact details of your project.

Stage 6: Installation

Installation includes not only the construction process for a remodel but also furniture delivery, assembly, and arrangement; the installation and hanging of window treatments, lighting, and/or artwork; and wall coverings such as paint and/or wallpaper. While we typically do not perform these installation services ourselves, we always include at least one meeting with a contractor and/or other installer such as a handyman, painter, or client if you are feeling up to the task. Any other installation and construction management services are optional. Note that other construction management tasks to oversee implementation of the design during construction and installation have a wide variability in costs since each contractor or installer requires different amounts of oversight. We are also optionally available to help with certain types of installations, for an additional fee.

Stage 7: Finishing Touches

Once the project is nearing completion or is otherwise complete, we will perform a final arrangement of furniture and décor. We may also purchase other décor and accessory items for your home; any items you would like to keep will be billed to you.

After this, you can enjoy your new room(s)!