Home Staging

If you are looking to sell your house and identify the home’s assets, portray the home’s potential, and turn any negatives into positives, then our home staging services are right for you.

We specialize in staging where we utilize mostly existing furniture, decor, art, and accessories in the home. We try to minimize the use of rented items to keep the costs lower for you. We make hands-on styling decisions for your house to be sold. We will work with you to provide you a cost-effective and customized staging solution that meets your staging needs.

We’ll make recommendations to help sell your house; plans, specifications, and other details will be drawn up for you. Depending on your budget, anything from minor changes to major ones may be recommended as part of the staging. Existing design elements, paint, light fixtures, furniture, accessories, and art may stay the same or may be new, rented, and/or borrowed depending on your budget.