Typical Terms

The typical terms below are subject to change but are provided here to help understand how the billing process (and overall project process) will be completed for your project.

Billing Process

For an hourly rate project, invoices will be billed monthly by OVOLO, or at the completion of the services provided, whichever comes first. OVOLO is responsible for accurately tracking and recording the hours that are worked and any materials that are purchased. The invoice will include a list of hours for the work performed, any material costs, and may include notes. Hours of work will be rounded up to the nearest 30-minute (1/2 hour) increments. For example, if one (1) hour and fifty (50) minutes are spent on the project, two (2) hours will be billed for the project.

For a fixed project cost (milestone) project, invoices will be billed at each milestone listed on the project's contract.

Invoices and Payments

OVOLO will send an invoice for the costs of the services provided. The invoices will be due on the date listed on the invoice. Approved payment method options are specified by OVOLO at the time of billing and invoices must be paid by one of the specified and approved payment method options. In general, typical payment method options are cash, check, bank transfer, and major credit cards.

Business Hours and Availability

Project meetings, site visits, selection of materials or other items, design work, communication with clients, etc. (hereafter described below as project activities) typically happen between 9:00AM and 5:00PM Monday through Friday, except on holidays (hereafter described as business hours). OVOLO may schedule project activities outside of business hours at its own discretion; however, please note that OVOLO may not be able to perform project activities outside of business hours due to other client’s project activities, personal events, and the more limited hours in the evenings and on weekends. OVOLO will make every effort to be available during non-business hours but it is not always possible; thus, some project activities (including communication by text, email, or phone) may need to wait until the next day with business hours.