Affordable Home Photography Services

As a design company, OVOLO has a great eye for artistic photography that would show off your home or latest project. This could be at your own home or at a client's home. We can re-arrange items and add artistic elements if necessary to add to the beauty of the room being photographed.

Examples of Photography, Commercial & Artistic

Below are a few links to photography that OVOLO has completed to date. Some photos are of projects that were designed by OVOLO, some are of projects that were designed by other associated companies, and other photos are of found objects while out and about. 

Photography Services

OVOLO's commercial home photography services includes: 

  • One Photographer from OVOLO
  • Full Collection of Digitally Enhanced Hi Res Images Uploaded into the Cloud. Generally, there are usually the following amounts of finished photographs that are uploaded: 4-6 photos for bedrooms, 5-8 photos for living rooms or dining rooms, and 8-12 photos for kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Joint copyright ownership of the photos. This would allow you to print, duplicate, and copy the images freely for commercial use on your website, associated websites such as Houzz, or your client's website. Your clients may also print, duplicate, and copy the images freely for personal use. Photographs may not be used for resale (may not be sold) and the original photographer may not be misrepresented. Photo credits when posting are greatly appreciated.
The cost for the photography services varies depending upon amount of photographs requested, times of day requested for images, number of rooms to be photographed, etc. Please contact me for more information.

Services Provided

Interior Design Photography, Interior Decorating Photography, Commercial Photography